What we found out about the impact of liquid cytokine formulations on the ability to scale CGT manufacturing…

We recently surveyed the cell therapy field to better understand approaches to automation and the reduction of manual process and the subsequent needs around cytokine formulation. 

The use of liquid formulations in bags could remove a crucial manual process step and improve sterility. Of course, there are challenges, and while the field is striving for automated processes, is 100% automation necessary for efficient scale-up?

These are the key results: 

  1. The biggest concern around manual manufacturing processes is human error, which is reflected in the levels of automation, i.e. 90% of responders have some level of automation, with 10.6% at full automation
  2. 80% want a format that involves tubing connection, which is another indicator in the growing trend towards automation
  3. 79% prefer liquid formulations for their cytokines but only 7% are solely using liquid cytokines
  4. The main barrier to purchase is the perceived lack of availability or rage of liquid cytokines, over a third also said there was a lack of flexibility around concentrations and volumes


It’s clear that as automation becomes the standard, demand is increasing for liquid formulations that contribute to a reduction in manual steps.