(Thermostability Optimized) 

FGF-2 TOP® (formerly STAB) is a novel, thermostabilized growth factor that allows you to grow FGF-2-dependent cell cultures more efficiently with fewer media changes.


Uniquely Engineered for Stem Cell Production

Through novel protein engineering, FGF-2 TOP® offers an increased half-life and therefore fewer feedings required compared to the wild-type growth factors.
It is significantly more tolerant of heat while maintaining full bioactivity, leading to improved homogeneity in your cell growth.

Derived from our proprietary plant-based production system, FGF-2 TOP® is also fully animal component-free, endotoxin-free, and sustainably produced.

> High Purity

> Animal Component-Free

> 10x Longer Half-Life

> Preserved Bioactivity

> Improved Cell Culture Homogeneity

> Weekend-Free iPSC Culture

Bioactivity Preserved,

Improved Cell Response

With FGF-2 TOP®, full bioactivity of FGF-2 is preserved in a stable protein conformation.

This thermostable version of FGF-2 from Core Biogenesis, provides an improved cell response when compared to both wild-type FGF-2 and other heat stable FGF-2 products expressed in e.coli.

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Thermostability Leading to

Increased Half-Life + Protein Stability

Thanks to the novel nine amino acid substitution, the heat stability of FGF-2 TOP® is
increased compared to wild-type FGF-2. This results in an increase in half-life under
cell culture conditions to 37°C –improving protein stability 10X compared to wild-type.

Protein Stability Leading to Cell Growth Uniformity

Historically, researchers and manufacturers have had to maintain a very strict daily feeding schedule during pluripotent stem cell culture to avoid spontaneous differentiation that would degrade the quality of the culture. By nature of its increased half-life and protein stability, FGF-2 TOP® presents a constant exposure of stable growth factor to the cells, affording the developer a much more streamlined feeding schedule and ultimately a more homogenous makeup of your desired phenotype in the final stem cell population.

Reduced Costs and “Weekend-Free” Feeding

Realize tangible benefits of FGF-2 TOP® protein stability: significant reductions in the
amount of media required to feed cells, as well as reductions in the number of feedings,
saving labor costs and obviating the need for inconvenient weekend feedings. Refer to
the example feeding schedule and cost comparison of wild-type versus TOP®:

We have ensured that bioactivity and product performance of both grades are equivalent, as both grades are derived from the same molecule.

FGF-2 TOP®: Available for Research Use + cGMP Use

FGF-2 TOP® (Thermostability Optimized) is available in both Research Use Only and cGMP grades. To ensure seamless scale-up, we have ensured that bioactivity and product performance of both grades are equivalent, as both grades are derived from the same molecule.
The cGMP version is augmented with additional quality control testing and documentation to satisfy cGMP cell culture requirements.

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IDENTITYMolecular WeightMass Spectrometry
BIOACTIVITYEC50EC50 + Specific Activity –International Units (IUs),

when available
PURITY>95% by SDS-PAGE>95-97% by UPLC
STERILITYSterile filtered 0.2 μm + bioburden testingSterile USP <71> and Ph Eur. 2.6.7
ENDOTOXINBelow level of detection LAL assayUSP <85> Ph.Eur. 2.6.14
HOST CELL DNA / PROTEIN CONTENTN/AAnnex tested from Master Lot
REGULATORY COMPLIANCEISO9001ISO9001, USP <1043>, Ph.Eur 5.2.12

Our Plant-Based Bioproduction Process

Like all Core Biogenesis products, FGF-2 TOP® (Thermostability Optimized) is produced from the seeds of an oilseed plant called Camelina sativa, which have been engineered to express recombinant growth factors at an increased expression yield. Our plants are cultivated in our fully controlled growth chambers or in open fields for large scale molecular farming—a scalable, cost-effective, and carbon-negative process. Learn more about our plant-based bioproduction technology by clicking below.

Go Green

Core Biogenesis FGF2-TOP® has been developed from the granted global use of Enantis’ patented sequence (heat stable FGF2-STAB®) in areas of research, cellular agriculture and cell therapy.

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