Our Platform

Core Biogenesis uses plants as biofactories to scale the production of high-value bioproducts.
Our Ultra-scalable bioproduction as a service (UBaaS) platform accelerates mass production and increases yields, while driving down costs.

By unlocking a new paradigm in recombinant molecule production, we are helping build a more sustainable future.

Our Vision

We believe that everything manufactured today will be biomanufactured tomorrow.
Our technology unlocks the promises of the bioeconomy.


Our Ultra-scalable bioproduction as a service (UBaaS) platform simplifies and accelerates the mass-production and purification of sustainable, high-performance recombinant molecule, while driving production costs down.

ProprietaryExtraction Methods

Our UBaaS platform isolates your molecule to a specific plant compartment, making extraction faster, more scalable, and less expensive.

Our Products

Recombinant growth factors and cytokines for cell-based applications.

Our products

Growth factors for cell-based products

Cytokines for cell therapy manufacturing

Enzymes for mRNA manufacturing

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