Introducing Core Factors ®

Recombinant Growth Factors,
enriched with purified plant lipids,
for improved GF bioavailability and stability.

Core Factors are specifically designed for:

• 3D cell culture • large scale cell culture • suspension cell culture
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Animal component-freeEndotoxin-freeBiorisk-freerecombinantGrowth Factors

Growth factors control the maintenance,
proliferation, and differentiation of cells and
represent a key tool in stem cell research and
regenerative medicine.

Small differences in endotoxin contamination can
have drastic effects on cell culture.

Our Animal Component-Free and Endotoxin-Free
growth factors increase the consistency of cell
cultures, which is key to obtain reproducible
results and to transition to clinical applications.

Our Platform, the future of recombinant protein bioproduction

Core Biogenesis uses plants as biofactories to scale the production of high-value bioproducts.
Our Ultra-scalable bioproduction as a service (UBaaS) platform accelerates mass production and increases yields, while driving down costs.

By unlocking a new paradigm in recombinant molecule production, we are helping build a more sustainable future.


Our Ultra-scalable bioproduction as a service (UBaaS) platform simplifies and accelerates the mass-production and purification of sustainable, high-performance recombinant molecule, while driving production costs down.

ProprietaryExtraction Methods

Our UBaaS platform isolates your molecule to a specific plant compartment, making extraction faster, more scalable, and less expensive.

Our Products

Recombinant growth factors and cytokines for cell-based applications.

Our products

Growth factors for cell-based products

Cytokines for cell therapy manufacturing

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