Next-generationRecombinant Growth FactorsFor Cell Therapy Manufacturing.

Plant-derived raw materials for ex-vivo cell therapy manufacturing.Specifically designed for induced Pluripotent Stem Cells (iPSCs)& Mesenchymal Stem Cells (MSCs) processes.

Gold-standard product quality, stability, bioactivity and consistency.

For a seamless transition from the lab to clinics, with the highest levels of quality and safety, our raw materials are manufactured and tested in compliance with:

  • ISO 9001 quality management systems standard
  • USP Chapter <92>, Growth Factors & Cytokines Used in Cell Therapy Manufacturing
  • USP Chapter <1043>, Ancillary Materials for Cell, Gene, and Tissue-Engineered Products
  • Ph. Eur. General Chapter 5.2.12, Raw Materials of Biological Origin for the Production of Cell-based Products

Consistency of stem cell cultures is crucial to translate cell therapy and regenerative medicine research toward therapeutic applications. Animal-Free and endotoxin-free recombinant growth factors are critical to reducing variability in Stem Cell cultures. We offer clear raw material qualification, documentation and traceability, and best-in-class lot-to-lot consistency. Our endotoxin-free products drastically reduce lot to lot variability and simplify compliance with regulatory guidelines.

Featured Protein

-High purity & bioactivity

-Animal component-free

-50x longer half-life

- Hassle-free organoid production

-Better cell culture homogeneity

-Weekend-free iPSC culture

Engineered for heat stability and a 50x longer half-life


Koledova et al. 2019
Fibroblast Growth Factor 2 Protein Stability Provides Decreased Dependence on Heparin for Induction of FGFR Signalling and Alters ERK Signalling Dynamics

Dvorak et al. 2017
Computer-assisted engineering of hyper-stable fibroblast growth factor 2

Improved bioactivity for enhanced results in a variety of applications


Lyra-Leite 2021

An updated protocol for the cost-effective and weekend-free culture of human induced pluripotent stem cells

Cellular testing
Cell Characterization employing FGF-2 TOP® (Thermostability Optimized) growth factor in culture and expansion of iPSCs (2D and 3D conditions); Patient-derived Intestinal Organoids; iPSC-derived Neural Stem Cells (NSCs)