Introducing Core Factors ®

The 3D Growth Factor.
Ideal for 3D, suspension, and
large scale cell culture applications.

Core Factors ® is a family of proprietary, plant-based recombinant growth factors. Offering improved stability and bioavailability, they are used in applications such as 3D cell culture, organoids production, stem cell expansion, and cellular agriculture.

Core Factors are fully animal component-free and endotoxin-free and eliminate adventitious agent contamination risk in your facility, while being a more sustainable solution for the planet.

About Core Factors ®

More than just a growth factor, Core Factors are both a product line and a formulation platform technology.

By applying our novel 3D Growth Factor-carrying lipid nanoparticle, Core Biogenesis can make any recombinant growth factor both more stable and more bioavailable, without engineering the growth factor, improving efficacy while driving costs down.

The quintessential application of Core Factors ® is production-scale Cellular Agriculture and Cultivated meat, where Core Factors unleash their full potential as the most efficient and economical raw material.

Our Bioproduction process

Core Factors are produced from the seeds of the Camelina sativa plant which have been engineered to express recombinant growth factors at an increased expression yield.

Core Factors are Enriched with purified plant lipids, and our plants are cultivated in our fully controlled growth chambers or in open fields for large scale molecular farming.

We produce Core Factors ® following Food grade quality requirements or the ISO9001 quality management system.

Thanks to the cleaner nature of the plant-based upstream process, the expressed growth factorsdon’t require the complex downstream process of traditional recombinant growth factors in order to achieve final product quality.

Experience the magic of Core Factors ® on your cells