Recombinant Albumin

Albumin, is a protein made in the liver and is found in blood plasma and it keeps fluid in the bloodstream so it doesn’t leak in other tissues. Albumin also functions as a carrier protein for steroids, vitamins, fatty acids and thyroid hormones. Recombinant Albumin consists of 585 amino acids, 64.35 kDa. Human Albumin is used clinically to treat serious burn injuries, hemorrhagic shock or ascites caused by cirrhosis of the liver. It is also used for vaccines and therapeutic protein drugs as a cell culture medium supplement.


Accession Number: P02768

1g, 10g, 100g. Core Biogenesis is unlocking the powers of the bioeconomy by ensuring the scalability of world changing technologies as regenerative medicine and cellular agriculture. Contact us directly for lot reservation and (large/bulk/industry/production) quantities.




Similarity: -Human 99%  -Bovine 80% -Porcine 80%


≥ 95% measured by SDS page, and resolved under reduced (R) conditions. 



Endotoxin Level:

Recombinant protein expressed in plant system, free of bacterial endotoxins.

Animal Component-Free:

Animal-derived Component Free. Core Biogenesis strictly guarantees that our recombinant proteins are not produced with or contain any components of animal origin.


Lyophilized powder. 


For reconstitution at the desired concentration, it is recommended to dissolve the lyophilized protein in sterile water or saline buffer (pH 7.4).


This product can be stored at 4ºC.

Featured Application Areas:

Recombinant Albumin can be used in a wide variety of areas for cell and molecular biology. We provide high purity and bioactive protein with outstanding performance in: -Upstream and downstream processes for stem cell therapies. -Stabilizing agent in cell culture media. -Carrier solution for growth factors and small molecules.


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