The versatility of the Core Biogenesis expression platform allows for the production of species-specific molecules, including human, bovine and fish growth factors, as well as cGMP clinical-grade or food-grade production to meet the different quality requirements of the cell and gene therapy industry and the cellular agriculture industry. 

Our technology allows us to reach the highest levels of purity on the markets for our recombinant growth factors and cytokines.

Proliferation Activity test of Core Biogenesis growth factors:

One of the main roles of the growth factors is the induction of cell proliferation. 

The proliferation rate is detected with the XTT assay, a colorimetric assay which measures the metabolic activity of the cells as an indicator of cell proliferation. For each growth factor, a different cell line is used, e.g. for FGF-2, the 3T3/NIH fibroblast cells are used. 

Biochemical Activity test of Core Biogenesis growth factors:

A group of growth factors are upstream activators of the MAPK cascade. A readout for the activity of the cascade is the Phosphorylation rate of the proteins ERK1/2.